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Budhi Harlow

Budhi Harlow is musician, composer, drum teacher, and dynamic performer. He has produced 6 albums all based on or inspired by West African Rhythms. He has been sharing his passion for music and dance to children and adults for over 14 years. Budhi has studied drum and dance all over the world; primarily in Senegal, where he lived on and off for 9 years. He offers professional training in the djembe tradition in Santa Barbara and Ventura, CA. Budhi also specializes in melodic percussion, including the zumo and tongue drums, and hammer dulcimer. He has collaborated with incredible musicians from all over the South Coast, including Stefana Dadas, Ray Tischer, Stephen Kelly,Brandon Jarret, Paul Forester, Dramane Kone, Ken Ryals, and Ted Lennon.

Creator of the Rhythm, Song and Dance Program, Budhi has designed cutting edge creative arts education. His program is seen all over the south coast in preschools, elementary and high schools, universities, special needs, brain injured, retirement and hospice. Budhi's work is alive with super vitality, drawing from a wide variety of deep, ancient wisdom traditions (especially African and Native American). His vision and action is to integrate Rhythm, Song and Dance into all aspects of our modern society. Budhi has also worked with local dance companies, including Hip Brazil, Los Olivos Dance Gallery, and Rio Mesa's Dance Team.

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