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Drum Repairs

All prices will be quoted at the time of your scheduled FREE repair evaluation.  Please call ahead so we can arrange a FREE custom repair evaluation for you.  For an additional fee we can come to your home or studio, Insurance quote/documentation services available upon request.  Each drum is unique and nearly impossible to quote a repair price without inspecting the instrument in person.  Please CALL TO SCHEDULE an appointment to assure the best evaluation possible.

We strive to provide the best service possible and work with only professional repair persons.  Given the variables that can affect the time it takes to repair an instrument,  please be advised we cannot guarantee a repair turnaround time.




*Mobile & Onsite drumset assemblies & repairs & insurance quotes  

*Head Replacement


*Hardware upgrades/replacements

*Cymbal Polishing

*Re-Wraps – multiple choices of finishes & colors

*Re-conditioning of shells interior & exterior                                                                                           

*Bearing Edges

*Special Orders for hard to find parts & accessories



1.     Tuning: rope or tension rod                                                                                                                                        

2.     Replace skin head: Includes skin removal & replacement, basic re-shaping of rings and edge, 

initial drum tuning.  Inspection of the head, bearing edge, rings, rope and shell.

3.    Tension Rope Replacement: Replaced with only the highest quality rope with your choice of in
stock colors.  Rope varies in price by the foot depending on thickness.

4.     Rope or fabric on Rings Replacement:  Replaced with only the highest quality rope/fabric. Rope
varies in price by the foot depending on thickness.

5.     Ring Replacement:  Custom fitted

6.     Even (plumb) Base:

7.     Rubber Base Protection:
Protect the bottom of your drum by adding a protective layer of rubber.  Helps reduce fractures in the
shell and water damage from wet grass.

8.     Custom Handle:  

9.    Custom Carvings & Drum Jewelry:  A large choice of custom carvings made in the traditional
method with hand tools.  Add brass tacks or studs for that extra punch. Meet with our drum designer
for a personal design and price quote.

10.    Shell Conditioning:  Has your shell been treated to the summer sun, traveled in the back seat of
your car, has not been cleaned or conditioned since you have owned it, think you might have mold or
moth damage?  Bring your drum in for a Spa Treatment.  Provides prevention from your drum shell
becoming dry, cracked or split.

11.    Fixing Cracks:   Is it too late, your drum has cracked?  Some splits and cracks can be repaired
let us evaluate the damage for you.





Repair with Neal

Drumset Repair Consultant


Repair with Roland

Drumset Tuning Consultant


Christoph Carving
Ethnic Drum Builder



Christoph Carving
Custom Shakeree Maker


Request a service for more information about our affordable drum supplies and experienced instructors.