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Trey O'Toole

Trey has been a student of percussion since 1978 and instructing professionally since 1998. He completed coursework at UCSB for his Bachelors of Music: Orchestral Percussion-Cum Laude (private studies with Dr. Teresa Dimond-L.A. Opera, Pacific Symphony; John Magnussen-L.A. Philharmonic; Dr. Jon Nathan-Santa Barbara Symphony; summer studies at I.S.O.M.A.T.A. -Dr. Erik Forester-USC/ Thorton School & Bill Schlitt-Redlands Symphony), honing classical skills at the collegiate level.

He continued his drumset studies privately with some of the greatest names in drumming; Jonny ‘Vatos’ Hernandez (Oingo Boingo), Zoro (Lenny Kravitz, Vanessa Paradis, Frankie Valley), Alphonse Mouzon(Miles Davis, Herbie
Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Eleventh House), Frank Briggs (805, Atlantic Starr), Dave Weckl (Simon & Garfunkel, Chick Corea, Micheal Camillo, Elaine Elias, Micheal Franks) , headline the list.

“My wish is to bring percussion education to the masses, assisting people with various widespread objectives; academia, performing professionally, recreational drumming, but especially to those with special needs and/or conditions desiring to further physical and/or mental dexterity (which all of us have in
varying degrees).”

Trey’s dream of contributing to the Percussive Arts in the form of an education/retail facility manifested itself in 2010, thanks to the generous offer of Pulse Drumming’s founder Kim Brower to endeavor with her as a co-partner in Pulse Drumming LLC. THANK YOU!!!

“From all my teachers and students, I have gained understanding-it is my wish to share that knowledge with any and all interested, and have deep gratitude for any opportunity to do so…. THANK YOU!!!”

Vinny Appice, Pulse Drumming, Ventura, CA